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We're fast, efficient, cost effective, and reliable in all areas of shipping, freight forwarding, cargo handling and total logistics solutions.

Welcome To PH Logistics Ghana

PH Logistics Ghana is a Shipping and Logistics service provider. We are located in Ghana, and the West African sub-region. Your delivery is our priority. Futhermore our dedicated team of professional logistics experts work 24/7 in order to ensure that the right cargo is delivered to the right customer, at the right place and similarly, at the right time. Above all, in the right condition, in the right quantity, and at the right price.

Our comprehensive expert services cover the fields of shipping, clearing and logistics, with a strong international network to further bolster our operations. We provide a proximity service combined with significant local and international capacity. Our aim is to supply simple, yet innovative, logistics solutions to meet even the most complex requirements. Our team of logistics professionals work 24/7 to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

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Our Major Services

We offer a complete range of logistical solutions to suit importers and shippers worldwide.

project cargo
Project Cargo

Tame the logistics beast with our specialized handling for oversized and complex project cargo. Wind turbines, oil rigs, even entire factories - we conquer the challenges of moving your behemoths safely and efficiently.

cargo handling
Cargo Handling

Move your goods faster, safer, and more cost-effectively with our comprehensive cargo handling expertise. We navigate the complex world of logistics, ensuring your shipments arrive on time and in perfect condition.

haulage service

From farm fresh produce to factory machines, we get your cargo where it needs to be, on time and on budget. Forget logistical headaches – our diverse haulage solutions keep your supply chain smooth and your business thriving.

Why Choose Us

Good In Transit Insurance

We place premium value on your goods. With us your goods are comprehensively insured against loss, damage, theft, and delay.

Wider Global Footprints

With a presence in 189 countries and over 6,253 member offices, we can connect your cargo to virtually any corner of the globe.

Customer Clearance

Get your cargo cleared and delivered fast! PH Logistics typically completes clearance within 3-5 working days from the moment we receive your documents and your goods arrive.

Boost your supply chain efficiency and cut costs with PH Logistic's custom-tailored logistics solutions. We cater to both corporations and individuals, ensuring your cargo moves seamlessly and arrives on time

They Trust Us

Their word is our bond. At PH Logistics, customer trust is our greatest asset

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